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Call of Cthulhu - Gameplay Trailer #2

Walk the path of madness in Call of Cthulhu’s latest gameplay trailer

Call of Cthulhu, the official videogame adaptation of Chaosium’s tabletop RPG, will release October 30 on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC. Today, we invite players to tread further down the path of madness in this new Gameplay Trailer, as the Darkwater investigation begins to spiral out of control in the midst of unsettling conspiracies, bizarre cults and even the Old Ones themselves.

In Private Investigator Edward Pierce's quest to unveil the truth, players will need to rely on a variety of upgradeable Skills to escape the clutches of madness and death. The Spot Hidden and Investigation skill paths let players uncover more clues and draw more meaningful conclusions, unlocking more topics to question in dialogues. Convincing the distrustful locals of Darkwater to reveal what they know will require proficiency in Eloquence and Psychology. Pierce's Strength skill may also come in handy for when brute force is necessary, or to intimidate impressionable people into offering whatever they’re hiding. Expertise in Medicine and Occultism, improved only through discovering unique books and artifacts throughout the investigation, may grant additional insight – but knowledge can be a curse in Call of Cthulhu. The more aware Pierce is made of the horrors that dwell beyond the fabrics of reality, the more he will fall to insanity, impeding his ability to draw logical conclusions.

Pierce is but a mortal man, with few allies in a remote, unfriendly environment. Whether outnumbered by mortal adversaries or facing foes whose mere existence is beyond human comprehension, offering physical resistance is usually not an option. Making the most of Pierce’s extensive set of skills, along with subterfuge and stealth, is paramount… though escaping the gaze of the Great Dreamer may ultimately prove futile.

Call of Cthulhu releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 30. Digital and retail preorders are available on PC and consoles.
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While I'm sure I'll buy this at some point, if you're making a horror game it would be a good idea to release it by mid-October at the latest. By October 30 I'm about Halloweened out. Movies are a little different releasing then because of the time investment, not so with with games.
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call of cthulhu, cyanide studio, focus home interactive

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