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Chief Smash
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To each his own. I've been hearing that the sport needs more scoring for decades and I know the casual fan wants that. And that's certainly the way the league has steered the rules of the game. But I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth defensive efforts of games in the past. I'm not expecting kids or casual fans to like that but I always found the strategies involved in those types of games to be interesting. They felt almost like a military battle to me. Hockey is the only sport I really follow closely these days and the fact that goals are sort of rare makes them feel that much better to me. I love when a team scores a goal and the entire arena goes berserk but if goals happened all of the time, that would seem like a stupid reaction. I feel the same with touchdowns now. Seeing a touchdown is fun but when it happens all of the time, they're less special.
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Evil Dead
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All these team sports have these ridiculous, complicated rules: football, baseball, basketball, even soccer. I can't stand it. That's why I only watch tennis and sometimes golf as a sport. They are the only games where I understand all the rules. If a sport is more complicated than chess, there's a problem. The worst part is no one has ever made a complete noob's video guide to any of these sports that actually covers everything. It's like everyone expects their dad taught them all the rules when they were a kid or something. It's fucking ridiculous.
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Evil Dead
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Originally Posted by ElektroDragon View Post
That's why I only watch tennis
15 - Love
30 - Love
30 - 15
40 - 15
40 - 30
40 - all OR deuce
Ad in
Deuce OR 40 - all
Ad out
Game. Service break.

The counting in tennis makes complete sense!
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
"...boys lining up outside a room to take a turn gang raping a woman?...I went to frat parties where shit like this was going down
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
I certainly went to frat parties where girls were getting roofied
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Worst Super bowl ratings ever.

Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy
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nfl, nfl game day

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