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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
Exactly. Man...when Lynch or Siemian were under pressure, they looked like deer caught in a set of headlights. Siemian in particular was horrendous under pressure. I don't know how many times I've seen him just...literally launch the ball into the air directly at a defender in the face of pressure. Like his interest was getting rid of ball rather than actually completing the pass. I get it. Our offensive line was bad. I've seen him take some gnarly hits. But still. He was pretty miserable when pressured.

I liked the way Case handled himself, and especially after throwing 3 picks. He still kept pushing. He's aggressive, and he pushed the ball down the field.

The interceptions did look like silly mistakes. I think he may have been a bit amped for the game, and was just trying to push too hard. Once he settles in and stays within his wheelhouse, doesn't try to do too much, and understands there's a great defense behind him and a bunch of skill position playmakers, I think the interceptions will scale back.

I'd honestly give him a B- and say I'm actually optimistic about him - and our season!

Hey, our offense actually scored more points than our defense! Maybe we can put together 2 games in a row with a good offensive showing. 2 games? Is it possible?!
Couldn't have said it better myself.

I think anything is possible. Our next game is against the Raiders in Denver, so you know that'll be an emotional game, for the fans at least.
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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Mr. Crankypants appears to have been

In your world, any negative reaction to something someone says is getting triggered.

"Hey, this looks like a thread about football. Let me head on in just to talk about how much I won't be watching football this year, just like I did last year!"

It gets old, man.

Originally Posted by vallor View Post
I may have to by a team shirt for Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch or someone just to better my rapport even if I just say “did you see the last game?!” And seem legit.
This is Lynch's second year with the Raiders, so I'd stick to the Wilson shirt if you want to build some bonus rapport with your co-workers.
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