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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
DOTA does a LOT in cosmetics and not just new skins for their champions. From announcers (like having Rick and Morty doing the play-by-play of your match, which is pretty awesome), custom loading screens, to cosmetic changes to how the battleground looks, to special one-of-a-kind looks. They make heaps of money and it is entirely voluntary.

They fund a free to play game and their $10m and $20m tournaments from this sort of stuff. Maybe EA should look at works there instead of trying the Pay 2 Win track.

A $60 game with a super compelling set of cosmetics could be a winner. What if Yoda was the voice over for every call out for you in multiplayer and it was cool? "Shot in the head were you!" Or Vader "I find your lack of accuracy disturbing."
That's exactly the kind of "clown" things I'm talking about though. People are already going nuts on BFII that you can have cross era heroes against each other outside of Heroes vs Villains. I don't exactly want to see Vader done up in a Santa outfit for their "Life Day Event", Luke in a cowboy costume, or Justin Roiland doing the voice over commanding a troop of droids to objectives.

But that's how those games can continue to do that. They own the property and can put in whatever rainbow coloured things they want. EA/DICE does not own this property, and I highly doubt Disney would allow for an expedient production of new, fitting, skins.
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