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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
D2's build variety is just flat out overrated. Sure you could choose lots of different builds but there were really only a few correct builds. To say that 99% of D3's skills are useless but not call out D2 for the same isn't really fair. It was the illusion of choice. The writing in D2 is also overrated. That Worldstone thing at the end of the expansion was just stupid. The tone in D2 was also a step down from D1 so if we're going to hearken back to the old days, D1 was where it was at. It plays a bit slow and lacks some quality of life features by today's standards but overall it's still the best game in the series. Calling out D3 in favor of D2 is lazy. Personally, if it weren't for the horrendous writing, I count D3 post expansion as a superior game to D2.
Choice is still choice, you weren't shoe horned into a build or 2 for any class and could still be effective and have fun. You don't get that at all in D3. I will agree with you in tone, Diablo 1 was obviously the darker of the 3 and it's a shame it's gone in the complete opposite direction to the point of comical. Really that's the vibe D3 gives me, like it's one big joke, from the dialog, to the little quips with companions, to the over the top voice acting. etc.
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You need to poach a good writer for another phone game?
...using emotionally-laden bold fonts.
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Originally Posted by MavenACTG View Post
That is pretty much most online denizens below a certain age's MO!
Yeah and that age is like 45-50.
Have you thought for yourself today?
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