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Specrtal, why do you hate progress?
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy
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Originally Posted by blackzc View Post
Specrtal, why do you hate progress?
Lol I know right? How dare I not hop on board the "turn the US into a third world shithole train" like Phoenix and Whimple?
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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Two things.

1) When he said the President was responsible for the shutdown he was totally correct when speaking about most previous Presidents but especially Obama.

President Obama WAS the democrats and they moved in lockstep with him. Not only was he fully informed and consulted with every piece of legislation strategy he was also a very activist legislator President in the form of Executive Orders. Maybe some Presidents wrote more EOs than Obama but few wrote more far-reaching EOs than he did.

President Trump doesn't have the luxury of enforced party unity. In fact just about everyone hates him inside and outside his party. Though it seems there have been some strides to get there I doubt it'll every be as unanimous as the democratic single front we saw with Clinton and especially Obama.

2) Trump has gone far out of his way to try and pass things that should be done by the legislative body back down to the legislative body. This is why he hasn't simply written his own EOs re: immigration or how to handle sanctuary cities or anything like that.

Not only would they result in a rash of lawsuits regardless of legality but things like these are up to CONGRESS to legislate.

The American people, a vast majority according to CNN - aka Pradva for Progressive U.S. Politics, just want the spending bill passed and don't care if it has DACA provisions or not. They want to avoid the government shutdown.

President Trump has rightly sent these decisions back to Congress. Unlike President Obama he knows it isn't the President's job to legislate. And especially not to legislate via a likely unconstitutional pseudo-citizenship granting EO with stipulations most of those impacted didn't even give lip service to complying with.

The people DEMANDING DACA and immigration rights be part of the bill are the democrats. If people stop trying to complicate the spending bill with pork and pet funding it would be a lot easier to pass and people would be able to go to the museum this weekend.
1: So he's only saying the President is responsible when it comes to making sure a lockdown doesn't happen when it doesn't make him look bad? There had been shutdowns in the past before Clinton or Obama after all. Some as parts of direct presidential action/vetoes.

2: What? Like, just a google search can point you to where he has done executive orders on immigration and sanctuary cities. He's doing executive orders at a faster pace than what we've seen for decades, especially versus Obama who did less orders than has been recorded for the period of time he was in office than has been seen since the 1800s. I'm not even the biggest fan of the guy but the comparison you're making is not in the least connected to reality. What's up with you lately vallor? Where are you getting these talking points?

Edit: And just to make sure there aren't any misinterpretations here, the scope of Trump's EOs are comparable in scale to Obamas in my opinion, especially since a lot of them deal with repealing stuff Obama did or attempted to push. But the main point I'm making is that if Trump really cared about what you say he cares about he wouldn't be doing EOs at the pace he's doing them. They're practically his only real tool since he can't handle the other solutions Presidents tend to use.
Originally Posted by SaintBlitzkrieg View Post
Also, Telltale signed with xbox, with fear that if they released Jurassic Park on the PS3, the dinosaurs would get loose.
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Originally Posted by Phoenix1985 View Post
1: So he's only saying the President is responsible when it comes to making sure a lockdown doesn't happen when it doesn't make him look bad?
The president was prepared to sign a bill to keep the government open.
House Republicans passed such legislation.
Senate Republicans needed Democrat support to do so and didn't receive enough (only five...needed to get to 60).

The public blames Democrats more than the president.
The public said DACA was not worth shutting down the government.
The NYT said 'Senate Dems block' the bill keeping the government open.
Current DACA extensions end on March 5. Last I checked it's January. There's no reason to shut down the gov't over DACA, unless you hate Americans and love illegals.

The only people who don't know who is responsible here are liberal ideologues like yourself.

He's doing executive orders at a faster pace than what we've seen for decades
Trump's executive orders are UNDOING the UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders of the last administration.

the scope of Trump's EOs are comparable in scale to Obamas in my opinion
You're an idiot. When the last guy shits up the room, you don't get to cry that the current guy is moving just as much shit when he's moving THE SHIT FROM THE LAST GUY.

Trump's EOs are focused on undoing illegal, unaccountable, unconstitutional legislating from the Obama White House.

I find it absolutely hilarious that the asshole in chief who mic-dropped mockery toward Trump is most likely directly responsible for persuading him to run and then win, absolutely destroying his legacy in the process. Much of what Obama did depended upon executive whims...orders...because "I won" as he said and he refused to work with Republicans when he had his 60 Senate votes, thereby poisoning that relationship for eight full years.

Obama's legacy is in the sewer. Next stop it can go to hell.
Why would Republicans pass such a terrible tax law? lol...

Giving people more of their own money...WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? :D

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