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Originally Posted by DingBat View Post
Didnít the dlc from TLoU reveal she was a lesbian? That was how long ago?

I get that in this day and age ideology is more important than anything, but címon. If thereís just one game company that gets an automatic nod based on its track record, to my mind it would have to be Naughty Dog. Perhaps even more than CDPR.
I honestly lost track of Naughty Dog over the years. I loved the Crash games back in the day and I started the Jak and Daxter series but never finished it. I only caught up with the Uncharted series because I got the PS4 that came with the collection. And they were definitely cool in their own way. But for some reason, Last of Us never appealed to me enough to want to pick it up for whatever reason. Maybe it's because Naughty Dog titles became more playable movies than games to me and Last of Us didn't look like a "movie" I would have liked much. I can't say for sure. But no matter the dev, even if it was CDPR, I'd give them the business if they worked this stuff in as prominently as Naughty Dog did in that last trailer. I really honestly don't care all that much. Make whatever game or story you want. But I'll reserve the right to mock it like the old man I am.
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