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Originally Posted by Juan View Post
Strongly disagree with both of you, he has made some stellar movies.

Aliens is widely regarded as one of, if not THE best movie ever made.

A director who has made several movies (T1, T2, Aliens) which are in the conversation of peoples favourite ever movies plus he made two of the three highest grossing movies of all time in Titanic and Avatar.

The man knows what he's doing and is certainly one of the best film makers ever.
Aliens is a great action movie and T1 is fantastic. But T2 was a fun movie that was undone by a terrible supporting cast. The mom was stupid and the kid was annoying and the emotional terminator at the end made me cringe. It would have been a better movie if the entire thing was Arnold and Robert Patrick just beating on each other the whole time.

Cameron makes big popcorn movies. He likes to believe that he has something to say but his messages are always thinly veiled schlock aimed at the lowest common denominator.
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