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Thread: Windows 10?
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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
Right, ads for MS products, it's not a huge deal but they're there. Also they made Solitaire a pay for app of all things.. Solitaire.
Solitaire isn't pay. It's completely free. You can pay if you want to remove ads from the online portion of the game. Which they added online tournament style things.

I'm not going to pay for it, there's no reason too. They did the same thing with mahjong. I think its silly, but, as long as you don't touch the online portion, you won't see ads anyway.

Almost all previous versions of windows came with "buy office" starter kits, every version of Mac OSX comes with Itunes and the Mac store stuff. Even linux comes with an app store these days. Were you hoping this was windows 98?

I just helpd my girlfriend upgrade and she actually has a few more tiles that are more ad-like than what happened on mine (such as "get candy crush!"). Maybe its a per vendor thing?
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