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Originally Posted by AlfredT View Post
You shut up? Nice and very democratic of you. lol. Its funny you start off your reply with this, your strongest arguement.
Turn your sarcasm meter, dummy.

Also, you shutup.

As for the holocaust. Dont really care if it happened or not. Here we are 70 years later and it STILL manages to be an ideological litmus test. Which is amazing. You guys need to think about how this permeates your day to day views on stuff and how they would be different if we werent bombarded with holocaust news non stop.

You cant just simply say, i dont think it happened. No, if you think it didn't happen, you hate jews, love hitler and are a nazi. And as for liking Hitler, Hitler had all kinds of support all over the world during the war. so again. What?

Im sitting here, enjoying my day, no hate at all....i just don't think it happened, i think around 200k jews died. Nothing in the grand scheme of that war.

The fact that people go to jail for debating this and that its illegal to deny the holocaust in 18 countries is telling me Europe is under a soft tyranny. Don't go there. Your evil and crazy if you do. And laws are constantly being pushed here to do the same.

Could i be wrong? Sure. But propaganda on both sides have obfuscated things to such a degree that all you can do is draw your own conclusion. So i do.

Originally Posted by Dag-Sabot View Post
The real tragedy is the broken frames. Patton was an asshole, slapping his own shell-shocked soldiers around, making embarrassing press, engaging in personal feuds against Montgomery (also a pompous asshole) he thought himself a reincarnation of Alexander the great for fucks sake. If he didn't kill himself in a car crash he would've been likely committed to a nuthouse.
War torn soldiers.


I cant even imagine why.

Not that they need or want your empathy but maybe its best just to stay quiet in these situations.

Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Anti-Semitic psychosis
You have got to be kidding me. Your shit reads like a parody. Again, you are the squirrel latched on to the leg of every thread on EA, of little import but annoying as hell. *shakes leg, damit! get the hell off me!
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy

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