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Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
There was the janky Carmageddon reboot a few years back that took forever to be considered playable on anything other than top of the line PCs. I think the devs lost a ton of money and just to stay open ended up selling the Carmageddon property again after fighting for over a decade to get back their creation.

A Vigilante 8 reboot might be cool.

There is a weird pseudo turn based 3D Car Wars type game in the works now. Iíll post a youtube vid when I remember what the hell it was called.
I'd also nominate Interstate 76 as a fun driving experience. Hell, the multi-player was a blast and half the time I played, we didn't bother shooting at each other, but worked on doing insane car stunts on some of the more out-there maps.

It makes the disappointment of driving in Rage 2 that much more keen. Could have been so much better.
I didn't buy R2 expecting a great story, I just wanted a good shooter, and I mostly got it. When you roll up on the bigger river rat settlements, it can be lots of fun to blast your way through them. Admittedly, it gets a lot better as you gain weapons and new abilities with them(which could have been explained a lot better, as well). Overall, I'm hoping that, with time and more fine-tuning and content, it could still be a great game.
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