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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Godzilla was decent, but the timing is way off. It really needed to come out before Avengers to have even a chance of making their money back. Waiting till summer was pretty much over was a huge mistake and it’s costing them big time.

I have to wonder if Spider-Man will suffer the same fate. The last one was good, but I think I’ve seen enough of Spider-Man to feel comfortable skipping this one. The characters I want to see more of would be people like Doctor Strange or the pre-Endgame Hulk or even more Thor. Spider-Man? Without Venom? Not so much.
Spiderman will do well because people love this Peter Parker. It is a fresh take on what has been, so far, way too serious versions of Parker.

Tom Holland nailed the character and the cast, crew, writers have been done a great job so far.

That said he does tend to wear a little since he's one note but the romance between Aunt May and Happy will, I think, add more dimension and side plot to water down the PETER PARKER TURNED UP TO 11!!!
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