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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
People love to hate success. Still not watching the NFL, no reason to, millionaires who compare themselves to being slaves don't deserve any support.
There's that, for sure.

I also remember a time when most people in my neck of the woods didn't give a shit about the Patriots and their memory of the team only goes back to 2001. My desire to see the Pats lose stems more from the obnoxious, insufferable fanbase and not the team itself. Last season, I was actually hoping the Pats would win the Super Bowl, mainly because I didn't want to see the Eagles walk away with a win. Plus, it would have been a historical moment for the sport.

I hate the fans more than I hate the organization. I don't even really dislike the team...but the team I've been following for 30-ish years only has to deal with the Pats once every four or five years, so there's that.

Still, I don't agree with calling Brady the greatest of all time, mainly because of how much the game has changed over the years. Things have become increasingly easier for offenses even since the 90's, so the sort of stats and performances you're seeing from QBs now are artificially better. The game was much harder for guys like Bradshaw and Staubach - or even Aikman and Elway - than it is for guys like Brady or Rodgers.

Greatest of this era? Sure. We can talk about that.
Greatest of all time? I don't think we could really call anyone that.
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