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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
And even worse they no longer let shaders be a one time purchase which is ultra abusive IMO. It costs them virtually nothing but that's not good enough.
In itself this is not a problem. What becomes a problem is that you are likely to be switching out gear fairly frequently and there is no way to guarantee a shader will drop without paying an obscene amount of money for it when it shows up on the Eververse lineup. MMOs have allowed dying of gear for ages, and they charge normal, in-game currency prices, with rare dyes costing a good amount of coin, while standard ones being pretty damned inexpensive. They never felt preditory because any gamer could get the dyes they wanted if they were willing to put in the time and effort to collect them.

Eververse is the complete opposite. There is no way to pay for her shit unless you pay money for dust. Even if you get dust from leveling, it is usually just 200 to 1000, and anything worth buying is going to be 2000+. So you are forced to pay real world money for any exclusives or guaranteed products she is peddling.
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