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This monthly article should be your first and last stop for checking the value to performance ratio of video cards. It does, however, need a few notations.

1. It does not list the BESTEST BEST CARD. Nvidia would win those awards, but due to AMD's very aggressive pricing strategy this year, Radeons have been winning the recommendations.
2. It does not consider the gamer who actually will add a second video card down the line. The reason for this is simple: No one actually does it. Due to technology increases each generation, it is almost always better to add a new card than add a second out-mode one. Again, if you do like multi-GPU setups, which have problems, Nvidia is the winner as AMD's drivers sometimes just don't work.

From your introduction, neither of the above affect you in any way. As such, pick up a Radeon HD 7950 Boost.
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