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Originally Posted by SacredWeasel View Post
You're contradicting yourself in your own post there man! You gotta be careful, you don't want to look like a fool!
He was so bad, he was good for Republicans. I think you see the point.

As to looking like a fool, well...that ship has sailed, lol. I'm married,with kids. Plus, posting anything political on the Internet is a fool's errand, isn't it? Check out Proverbs 18:2. I just can't seem to follow that advice. After all, there are battles to be won, armchair quarterbacking to be quarterbacked, people to be (un)convinced!

Oh boy, you got him now! lolololol.

Originally Posted by Eats View Post
"...boys lining up outside a room to take a turn gang raping a woman?...I went to frat parties where shit like this was going down
Originally Posted by Eats View Post
I certainly went to frat parties where girls were getting roofied
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