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My main problem is that I don't see Black Widow as a superhero. She's a spy, basically a more athletic, female James Bond. Well, the old James Bond, not the new broken anti-hero crap. I loved her role in the first "Avengers" movie, where she was gathering intelligence, outsmarting Loki, outrunning the Hulk. Her introduction in "Iron Man 2" was solid as well, because she only was up against regular human foes (if I remember correctly).

This trailer though (it's a bit long to be called a teaser, isn't it?)... Not sure. It looks like a rehash of her old mini-series, but with "super" scenes thrown in. Other than those, the story seems to be the same as always. It's always about her past, it's always about her harsh training and everyone trying to use her. It's basically "Salt". Couldn't they come up with something a bit more original, after all those years in the MCU?

This was the cover I immediately thought of, watching the trailer teaser:

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