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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
The videos sold me on the game and I purchased it for full price and now I'm wishing I waited.

Like the review says, there is a lot of fun to have there and you can play it like Bulletstorm and just get crazy with the kills if you want to.

What I think really lost it for me was the vehicles just aren't that much fun to drive. After Mad Max, I was expecting them to turn up the vehicle-to-vehicle combat to 11 and give us something more like Interstate '76 and instead the vehicles are mostly just the tool you use to get from base to base.

I still have no idea why no developer has ever made a decent car-to-car combat game. Car Wars is out there just begging to be made into a game.
There was the janky Carmageddon reboot a few years back that took forever to be considered playable on anything other than top of the line PCs. I think the devs lost a ton of money and just to stay open ended up selling the Carmageddon property again after fighting for over a decade to get back their creation.

A Vigilante 8 reboot might be cool.

There is a weird pseudo turn based 3D Car Wars type game in the works now. Iíll post a youtube vid when I remember what the hell it was called.
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