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Originally Posted by BenSkywlkr View Post
That RX580 is kind of a bad choice. For $220 you can grab a 1660 which tends to be faster than the 590, or if you want to save money the RX 570 is about as close to the 580 as the 580 is to the 1660 but is $60 less expensive($140 for the 8GB 570).

Whomever said the 580 is the card to get right now... The 1660 launch and the price drops on the 570 have made the 580 pretty pointless.
The price has already dropped on the RX580. I can get a powercolor for $180.

The 1660 for $220.

So $40 for a 7 percent uptick in bench

Not worth it, IMO. Though maybe the 570 is a better choice than the 580.
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