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I'm a bit at odds with the cheesing this game allows. Allowing to take a whole (mini)boss health bar by stealth attacking basically makes the fight 50% easier. This even works on some main bosses, some intended, some can be glitched. Then there's the silly deflect spamming that works on several bosses, too (just mash block instead of having to time it corrently).

Then there's the temporary buffs using one-time consumables. If you watch those insane 30 minute speedruns on YouTube, they seem to be way more important than in previous From Software games. Unfortunately, several of those have to be farmed using very boring, no skill requiring routines (resting, backstabbing a nearby enemy, rinse&repeat).

I'm just before the game's "short" ending, but sadly I have to admit I did not really enjoy the boss fights so far. Exploring and fighting "normal" mobs is way more fun.

Using the same warning sign for the 3 kinds of different undeflectable attacks is too much "having to learn the boss moves" for me. And I've finished all the Soul games and Bloodborne. But well, then you take a look at those crazy folks playing the game on YouTube and think "wtf... am I this shit?".

Overall, I don't regard the combat system of Sekiro that different from previous From games. Maybe because I never played those using a tanky build but a nimble evasive one anyway.

I'll probably resort to Cheat Engine for the final part of the game/bosses, as I cba to do more rage boss fights regarding the huge backlog of games I have.

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