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Originally Posted by Ghostblaze View Post
Exactly. Who gives a shit about this trash.
Apparently about 10 - 20% fewer people year-over-year for the last 4 years. After the low ratings recorded in 2008 at 32 million (which is way higher than I would have guessed) they hit that low number again in 2017 and then plummeted to 26.5 million in 2018.

Most in the media attribute 2018's disaster to the lack of having any well known movies for best picture, among other things.

They must have recovered a bit between 2009 and 2014 but then they totally dropped the ball again in 2015, which was the first year of "Oscars so White."

So 2018, the least watched Oscars of the 21st century was a 20% decline from 2017 which was the 3rd least watched.
2017 was a 4% decline from 2016,
2016 was an 8% decline from 2015.

But those are full decline numbers. Another important factor is the portion of those drops that are part of the "crucial" 18 - 49 y/o age group. The drop in ratings from that group seemed to trend between 10 - 15% over the 4 year of the drop.

We will see if, without controversy and with a big tent pole movie holding up the Best Picture category, this year will bring back the mojo. However, despite having a big movie that happened to feature a bunch of Black people we still have a serious lack of other minorities and females without any representation in the nominations. Do you think they are going to be silenced because there are a few movies with black people in the Best Picture category?

#OscarsSoMale must be made real!
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