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OK its official. Ubisoft DID NOT PUT THEIR A TEAM ON THIS GAME! That team was either too buy working on AC4, or too busy on FarCry 4 or something else.

Game looks last gen, coded to lowest common denominator of 900p on BOTH consoles with jaggies all around.

Compared to the beautiful 1080p anti-aliased Infamous SS, this looks like shit.

Haven't even fired a bullet yet, so can't comment on game play, but I'm disappointed.

PS4 version has smooth cutscenes, but they are choppy on X1. That's all I have to report. Otherwise game looks IDENTICAL on both PS4 and X1 and that makes me sad. It's probably using 50% of the PS4 power.

Christ even Wolfenstein looks leagues better. You can tell last gen porting is partly to blame for this shit. The faster they stop it with the simultaneous last gen release shit, the better off we'll all be.
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