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Originally Posted by 92miata View Post
Gamer 1st. I don't think it is the DRM, it is the fact that both consoles including the PS4 are silly underpowered. Everybody talks about 1080p vs. 720p. Serious? I care about 4k. All 3 of my gaming pc's are capable but neither next gen console is?

It is funny how the kids on the internet argue the PS4 is so much more powerful. Yeah maybe a little, but not ever worth arguing about. I want 4k on my consoles.

And I own all the consoles including the shield.
Your gaming PC is capable of 4K? You have two Titan level video cards running in SLI. That's impressive. What does that cost... around $1000, right?

And that is with a $700 or $1200 monitor.

Oh, and lets not forget that there aren't really any games that support that resolution correctly.

I don't think 4K is anything people should be at all concerned about. It's something for PC gamers to pretend is important when really we are still years away from it being an actual thing.

A PS4 costs $400. Until recently an Xbone cost $500. That's less than half of one of those Titan cards. I think that kinda explains why console gaming has become such a beast and PC gaming is now the red-headed stepchild.
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