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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
You speak as though Steam is the only digital distro platform out there. I have little doubt that if Valve were to ever go under (LOL) they'd offer to unlock the drm from people's libraries,, much like the offline profile workaround for titles that used GFWL.

The Xbone is failing not due to DRM, it's failing due to the hardware not being anything resembling "Next Gen" in the first place and MS being retarded enough in initially forcing the Kinect making the console far more expensive than it needed to be.

I own both consoles anyway because there are certain games I'd rather or have to play on a console. I can't get The Show on PC, I can't get NHL on PC, or for example on the Xbone side, Dead Rising 3 or Killer Instinct.

I'm a gamer first and foremost, the petty console fanboys are just that, petty as fuck.
Gamer 1st. I don't think it is the DRM, it is the fact that both consoles including the PS4 are silly underpowered. Everybody talks about 1080p vs. 720p. Serious? I care about 4k. All 3 of my gaming pc's are capable but neither next gen console is?

It is funny how the kids on the internet argue the PS4 is so much more powerful. Yeah maybe a little, but not ever worth arguing about. I want 4k on my consoles.

And I own all the consoles including the shield.
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