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Not at E3 and still the only one of the big three I'll prolly watch. I'm looking forward to seeing what EA has in the pipeline though, and getting some long awaited updates on a couple Ubi titles I'm watching. Figure they'll still do their big presentations. I'd be perfectly happy with everyone doing these digital broadcasts though. I just care about the games, not the pomp and circumstance with special guests, dancers, pyrotechnics, and whatnot.

On a side note, I'm a pretty big fan of Nintendo's Nintendo Direct presentations. Gives us a ton of good info every month or so. I'm still kinda reeling from the huge Smash Bros info drop on the last one (about an hour of content for Smash Bros alone, good stuff). Sony had something similar with Pulse for awhile--which I enjoyed but was a little too filler heavy--guess that was canned at some point. I'd like to see Sony and MS do their own Directs.
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