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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
/sarcasm Because you likely need a sarcasm tag to get it.
Sarcasm comes from truth. There is a part of you that hates Death Stranding. Give into that hate! Give into the Dark Side! In all seriousness, I don't mind people hating Death Stranding, even people like wunshot, because they are at least hating it due to personal experience. What I can't stand are people who hate it because they just don't like the concept (hence all the easy FedEx jokes).

As for this game... I really wish the main character was different. There is something about his face and voice which just makes him highly punchable. I miss characters like Kyle Katarn. Hell, since this is in the same time period as Rogue One, it would have "subverted expectations" if we played as Jyn Erso or Mara Jade.
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