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Pure Evil - Youíre Terminated F**ker!

As is our Saturday thing, we went to see the new Terminator: Dark Fate, the first movie in a while to bring back Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and the first film to ignore all the sequels since Terminator 2.

Itís an enjoyable Saturday afternoon popcorn flick with non-stop action, so we did enjoy it quite a bit and there was a lot of fun there to be had.

Is it the next Terminator 2? Not a chance.

The big problem with the new films is that you donít feel anything for any of the characters. In the beginning, they show a sequence from Terminator 2 where Sarah is in the hospital freaking out over the knowledge that Judgement Day happens and no one can prevent it. That kind of raw emotion is totally absent from the new film. We do get to see some of the back story of new characters Grace and Whatís-her-Name (I literally canít remember the characterís name), but it obviously doesnít stick with you at all. Itís just another quick scene in a movie that moves with robotic precision directly from one stock action piece to the next stock action piece.

There really isnít even much here that is new for action fans. We have seen fighting in an airplane in Tom Cruiseís The Mummy and in several other films and we have seen the big freeway chase scene done a hundred times in Fast & Furious films. There was one crash & action underwater fighting scene with a Humvee that seemed pretty new and creative, but thatís about it.

Without spectacular set pieces or characters we care about, all they have left is our nostalgia for the first two films and thatís not enough to save Dark Fate which is tanking at the box office and will be one of this yearís biggest flops for the studio.

James Cameron claimed he came out of Avatar world to produce the new film, he should have totally stepped in and written and directed it if he wanted it to be a success.

Three Evil Eyes.
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