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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
You missed the main point. The Last of Us went from an incredibly original and moving story in a game where the world and environment were as much a character as the characters you got to interact with.

The sequel is a trope with a big ass side order of an agenda.

Naughty Dog has every right to create the game they want to make and I have no doubt it will be an incredibly well polished and well playing game. But I feel like the direction they've taken it diminishes the grandeur and potential they had available from the first game. They've squandered their opportunity.

Polygon is sure to give it a 20 out of 5 stars.
Well said. Imagine that a dev took a very well received game and made what looks to be a very promising sequel. But in the CG trailer, you find that one of the main characters is a redneck Trump supporter. And the trailer pretty much just showcased that the guy is a Trump supporter and he was now getting revenge on the bastards who killed his Trump supporting brother. Four things would be true.
  1. They'd have every right to make this trailer, even if it was a little in your face to a good amount of people.
  2. There really shouldn't be any impact on the gameplay.
  3. It would be stupid.
  4. People would be going berserk over it.

Again, I never played the first. I've been told that I really should play it but for some reason it never looked like it would appeal to me. So I'm not mad here. They didn't take something I loved and "ruin it" in my eyes. I mildly roll my eyes at it and even poke a little fun because of how on the nose they were in that trailer.
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