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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
Yeah I agree with all of that, just not the part about it being a PSN+ game soon. I know you were probably half kidding and of course, so was I. But I do have to say that this is the first CoD that I'm strongly considering picking up in quite a while. It looks like a return to Modern Warfare's style (not an old war and not some futuristic robot war) and I just like that.
Itís a weird game because it is all based around these 10 or so specialists, each with their own super power and you donít get to use those powers till you get some kills in each match.

It works good in the smaller control matches, but it totally is useless in the Blackout mode because you just donít rack up kills fast enough to ever get to use your powers. Also, some powers are really hard to pull off unless you have quite a few team members backing you up or you get lucky. I love the radiation power, but itís super tricky to ever pull off.

Blackout is a big map, but like Fortnite Battle Royale, itís dull. Me and two other guys in my team (our 4th guy dropped somewhere else and we never saw him again) wandered around for like 10 minutes before we found some enemies and then the other two guys I was with were too dumb to revive me when I was standing right in front of them bleeding out. Very frustrating. Might be a nice mode with a solid team of guys you know, itís the same shit as Fortnite when playing with Randos.

Overall, I would say people should just skip this one. In two weeks Red Dead Redemption 2 drops and so unless you are just totally in love with Battle Royale and you are burned out on Fortnite, you should just wait for RDR2 so you arenít spending double the cash and getting a multiplayer game you wonít be touching for like 3 weeks after RDR2 drops.
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