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Unity: Unite Europe 2016 - The Art of Being More Technical

Shaders? Scripting? Color Space? Vlad Neykov, Matt Dean and Matt Roper (Unity Technologies) explore the technical side of art. This talk is aimed at artists of all experience levels who would like to broaden their scope and become more versatile. We will demystify some common misconceptions and talk about ways to approach becoming more technical.

Did you know you can create your own editor within the Unity Editor? If you know Unity Editor Scripting you can create any tool you want to speed up your design process. Everyone knows tasks they have to do over and over and over again. Switching build targets, aligning objects or changing back and forth between play and edit mode. If you create an editor script for these tasks you not only save a lot of time, you also get a massive happiness boost every time you use your scripts to get ahead. Oliver Eberlei (Hammer Labs) explains the basics.
More here.
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