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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
You people are arguing a semantic point and have been since Eats decided he was going to get all grammar Nazi on it. Now it has just gotten to the realm of stupidity on all sides and it just needs to stop so we can make fun of him for his ideas, of which there is plenty of material, instead of continually beating this dead horse.
You people? Obligatory #ThatsRACIST /sarc

This is a gaming website's off-topic, who cares how stupid these arguments are? Eats proclaimed that he had attended events in which he knew that women were being drugged and raped and he did nothing because he thought it'd bolster his stance against a SCOTUS nominee in a gaming site's off-topic thread. It doesn't get dumber than that.

Also, the semantics aren't the point: Eats' own hypocrisy (his "better" correct version has a group making cricket noises if taken literally -- exactly what he complained about), his inability or unwillingness to confront these issues, and how obviously dishonest he is are the point.

There is no actual point in arguing on these boards, much less with someone like Eats who will pretty much say anything in order to push whatever progressive talking point he's on.
Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
Many cultures of the world marry girls off after their first menses, around 13 years old. I can't say that's inherently immoral, no.
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