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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
What I find PARTICULARLY hilarious is that everyone obsesses over these super hero movies, and they all smash sales records. I can't blink without seeing a new one released and I think they're mostly all mindless visually driven "Meh". So our culture is obsessing over these movies, watching them in record numbers, then sit and complain when they get movie of the year. You're the one telling the industry you love this garbage.

Not all blockbusters are award worthy but, previously, making money and being popular seemed to be mutually exclusive with winning an Oscar in one of the major categories.

Now that they've finally done it the movie they pick to recognize is not a particularly good example of a blockbuster worthy of an award.

Would a thoughtful movie about something like an in depth analysis of the existential dilemma's of man in the 21st century ever break any records? I doubt it. Why? "Because I just want to turn my brain off when I get home". Sleep in the bed you made. We've turned into the most mentally lazy bunch of peon's - with the bad excuse for justification that "I work hard". So does everyone else in the world for the most part. That's nothing special.
As for "good movies" and not watching them? Maybe it's because people don't want to pay $18/per avg to go see a movie that looks and sounds just as good on a small screen. Or they don't give a shit about some in-depth analysis of what SOMEONE else thinks is an existential dilemma of man in the 21st century.

You want to sit down with me over some beers I can tell you what my existential dilemma and I bet it isn't the same thing Hollywood thinks it is.
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