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Originally Posted by brandonjclark View Post
There should've been a mobile Panzer Dragoon game five years ago.
If you ever sully the name of Panzer Dragoon again with the word "Mobile," I will butt rape Tracer in front of you while I make her suck my big toe. IN FRONT OF YOU!


Not counting those that were acquisitions from THQ, still new or publishing jobs only, Let's go through the list of Sega IPs that haven't been used in some time!

2K Sports (All) - Well, it isn't like they are trying appease EA anymore! A shame the licenses are now all secured.
After Burner - Sure, I guess. Arcade games are hard sells.
Alex Kidd - Last I saw Alex he was on a street corner, begging for change.
Altered Beast - Ugh, terrible game fondly remembered by none who actually played it.
Baku Baku Animal - Wut?
Beyond Oasis - Could be great if Sega wants to commit to making a Zelda game, though the scope for that is now much higher.
Bayonetta - After selling well on PC, this is the first no brainer.
Blazing Heroes - Even I never played this Saturn one and done RPG-lite.
Bug! - Sega tried to beat the PSX by advertising games like Bug! It didn't work.
Border Break - I've never heard of this Asia-Arcade exclusive. The screenshots and cheesecake art, however, look intriguing.
Chu Chu Rocket - Now here is a game for mobile I can get behind.
Clockwork Knight - Sega tried to beat the PSX by advertising games like Clockwork Knight. It didn't work.
Columns - Inferior Tetris / Dr. Mario. Stick to Chu Chu Rocket and leave this on the Game Gear where it belongs.
Congo Bongo - 1983, ladies and gentlemen!
Crazy Taxi - Not actually a good game. Fun for a few minutes but incredibly shallow.
Daytona USA - If they have the talent to do Arcade racing right, there isn't a better pedigree.
Derby Owners Club - I've seen this in person! I've never seen anyone actually play it...
Dinosaur King - Thank God Arcade card-based games never left Japan
Dragon Force - DO THIS NOW, Sega
Dynamite Baseball - Sega owns two baseball franchises. This is the other one.
Dynamite Cop - Mmm, no thanks.
Dynamite Dux - They're fucking ducks
Ecco the Dolphin - The Dreamcast version was pretty but quickly made us realize these games were always boring
Eternal Champions - Or we could play Street Fighter. Decisions...
Fantasy Zone - Imagine a shmup with only two colors, both pastel, and everything is round
Feel the Magic: XY/XX - Feel this.
Ferrari F355 Challenge - Sega owns several racing franchises. This is the other one.
Fighting Vipers - Sega owns three fighting game franchises. This is not the good one.
Full Auto - Sega owns several racing franchises. This is the other one.
Ghost Squad - Can I skip light gun shooters as a product of movies theaters in the late nineties?
Golden Axe - Sega owns several beat 'em up franchises. This is the other one.
Gunstar Heroes - Holy fuck yes!
Hang-On - Sega owns oh no wait! The motorcyle racing game is actually an under served market and I could see people enjoying this again.
Headhunter - I really shouldn't have started this post...
Herzog - Sorry, the name is too old to compete in the genre it created
House of the Dead - I'd rather type, myself
Jet Set Radio - A beautiful game with great music, it is in fact a shitty game with terrible controls. It might do well after another try, though.
Last Bronx - Sega owns three fighting game franchises. This is not the good one.
MadWorld - Hey, here is a title from the last generation that might be fun!
Magic Knight Rayearth - Hey Metal Jesus, I own this!
Manx TT Superbike - Hang on is the right choice.
Metropolis Street Racer - How many fucking racing franchises...
Monaco GP - ...Does Sega own?!
NiGHTS - Sigh, in my dreams.
Oshare Majo: Love and Berry - I regret what I started.
Mushiking: King of the Beetles - Please let me stop.
Otogi - This game ruled! The hack and slash genre is surprisingly strong and this would be a welcome return.
Out Run - Okay, all Sega owns is racing games. They should try something else.
Panzer Dragoon - If shmup, sure! If RPG... I will masturbate on Omegle while Sega calls me names, if that brings it to fruition.
Phantasy Star - With the growth of XIV and the acclaim and sales of XV, Final Fantasy has once again brought JRPGs into the West's favor and given Sega the chance to capitalize.
Pole's Big Adventure - Could be a fun value Steam title.
Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! - It's like FIFA only with Japanese people.
Pro Striker - It's like Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou and still not FIFA.
Rent-A-Hero - Only allowed if they keep the 80s, retro-futuristic motif.
Rez - A new version, not a VR port? Fuck yes! Include the sex toy.
Sakura Wars - These games are huge hits in Japan and you couldn't find two people in the same Western nation that heard of them. Dating sims (Visual novels) and tatical RPGs are a lot more accepted in the U.S. now, so there is a real chance for this to see a new entry.
Sands of Destruction - Me-Di-O!-Cre *Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap*
Sangokushi Taisen - How Japanese people play in depth games at the arcade, with cards they bring from home, I will never understand.
Samba de Amigo - Rhythm games are dead and we should all be happier for it.
Scud Race - So many racing games, it's like the N64 library threw up on a company.
Seaman - With the ubiquity of microphones and speech controls, I would love to see what Sega could do with a new entry to this series.
Sega Bass Fishing - The April Fools "Sega Bass Fishing of the Dead" sounds more interesting to me but hey, what do I know?
Sega GT - All games are racing games!
Sega Rally Championship - No other types of games exist.
Sega Touring Car Championship - All hail the racing game gods!
Sega Superstars - Hey kids, remember the Eyetoy? I'd rather play a magical book simulator.
Sega Worldwide Soccer - Still not FIFA
Shenmue - Already in development, much to the chagrin of gamers with taste.
Shining - Allegedly there are recent entries to this series but considering how many genres are included in this series, I imagine there are fans who miss the "Real Shining games."
Shinobi - Strider was always a better game.
Skies of Arcadia - Hey, an actual good game. There were some really awful games listed above but here is a title actually worth revisiting.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Weeabo the Furfuck, we call him these days. Fuck this series, it's obvious they don't know how to do it anymore. And you know what, the originals weren't that good anyway. Maybe they never knew how to do it.
Space Channel 5 - Dance Dance Revolution with a controller! THAT sounds fun, mhm.
Space Harrier - Also none as Better After Burner.
SpikeOut - it's like Streets of Rage for losers!
Starhorse - Them Japanese sure do love to gamble.
Star Wars Arcade - The world does not have enough Star Wars games, that's for sure.
Streets of Rage - It's like SpikeOut for winners!
Tempo - It's like Bug! with even less mainstream appeal.
Thunder Blade - Only if they include the moving chair, the the R360 would be the first choice for crazy.
Thunder Force - Well, they aren't quite Gradius but still pretty good. I think Sega might be thinking bigger, though.
Time Traveler - Oh look, holograms!
The Conduit - Edgelord fuckery, right here
ToeJam & Earl - Online multiplayer TJ&E, anyone?
Toy Commander - Better than the Army Men games; low praise
Vectorman - I kind of miss the pre-rendered look of this generation, especially since games are often no more interactive
Virtua Cop - Let's play Time Crisis instead
Virtua Racing - I think I figured it out, these ARE all the same racing game but Sega hates reusing names!
Virtua Striker - Except Virtua, that they like reusing even if it isn't FIFA
Virtua Tennis - It's like pong filmed with a vertical cell phone.
Virtual On - An awesome Robot Shooter Fighting Game that really needs to reach a wider audience, as this would be great via online mutliplayer.
World Club Champion Football - Cards that aren't FIFA
World Series Baseball - Sega owns two baseball franchises. This is the good one.
Zaxxon - 1982, ladies and gentlemen!
Zillion - Famous for having the best box art of the Master System.

So there you have it. Sega has a ton of racing games, some overrated franchises, some too long gone to be revived and that furry blue rodent who autistic man-children combine with Nintendo to get the object of their sexual desires. There are also a few great titles in need of a modern take and I hope to see they receive one.
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