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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
The analogy breaks down when you realize that if you release the eagle, it will surely die and needs the cage more than it needs freedom.
Sure, all analogies break down at some point; they are generally used to highlight an aspect, not a whole. If I say, "He's like a rock," I obviously don't mean that he has a rough alumino-silicate material for a body.

We also don't know if the eagle is unable to fly with the eagle in the photo, that's an assumption. It cannot be derived from the photo evidence given, thus the standard idea of the eagle, as symbol for America, remains without qualification. You'd have much more of a point we could derive that fact from the photo.

But at this point, you're just being pedantic, since all of this was obvious from the beginning.
Choose your government: the majority ruling the minority, the minority ruling the majority, or everyone ruling themselves long as they do not initiate force, fraud, or theft against one another.
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