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Nvidia this week released a new 326.80 Game Ready driver, which the company is touting for a better experience in Splinter Cell: Blacklist and a variety of other games. Nvidia is also recommending it as an update for WIndows 8.1 Preview.

The GeForce R326 drivers increase performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games compared to the GeForce 320.49 WHQL-certified drivers. Though results will vary depending on your graphics card and system, Nvidia offers the following as an example of measured gains:

GeForce GTX 770:

Up to 15% in Dirt: Showdown
Up to 6% in Tomb Raider
GeForce GTX 770 SLI:

Up to 19% in Dirt: Showdown
Up to 11% in F1 2012
SLI Technology

Added SLI profile for Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Added SLI profile for Batman: Arkham Origins

Enables GeForce to SHIELD streaming.
4K Displays

Adds support for additional tiled 4K displays
Extended support for tiled 4K features
More performance boosts for Tomb Raider, which is good--AMD smokes Nvidia in that game. I usually give these updates a which on the market before I install.
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