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Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
spoilers -

zombies have changed characteristics solidly for years.
to say that these weren't zombies is wrong. doctors at the WHO (that stands for Doctors Who Decide Shit About How People Die) say that the people who are up and moving around and trying to bite you "have no circulation and by definition are not alive" so that pretty fucking much makes them zombies. it's never proven, unlike the popular zombie movie 28 days later, that it's a pathogen. (this is also where a significant logic breach occurs. it can't be a pathogen! treat it like a pathogen!)

as has been said, this is a popcorn flick. i had trouble finding a point to get up and go to the bathroom, so that makes it a win. when every scene that started held me until it finished through, that makes it a win. logic gaps and shallow characters didn't stop it.

and no, it's not the book. thank god. that book would make a shitty movie. maybe an ok tv mini series, but a movie? for summer? do you people see movies?
while shruggingly ok, the book wasn't the goddamn zombie bible of divine writing +2 that every person who seems to want to dislike this movie makes it out to be. it's a book that people who don't regularly read books are trying to rally behind in an attempt to look like people who fucking read.

i'd give this movie a B, solidly. i'd also be ok saying that while i watched it i barely had a thought in my head.
The book had some cool stories. And it had some reay great parts that just hit home for me. The movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be its own thing, follow the book, or be some pseudo mocumentary. It was just bad. Fun films are entertaining on some level. Bit this is a zombie movie that's PG-13! That's like the Die Hard that was PG-13. Just a bad idea. This movie was a mess. I'm glad people enjoyed it. But how it even compares to Iron Man 3 or Superman baffles me. Yes, they don't have much more substance. But they have loads more character and its not just due to the IP! /rant
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