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Originally Posted by lockwoodx View Post
There's really nothing out there or coming on the horizon to build a system for atm, so unless you simply don't have one, I'd hold of building a PC until next year if you can help it. All this year's steam/black friday sale will get you is the same junk that was on sale during the summer, but cheaper or bundled in bigger packs and nothing short of the witcher 2 pushes even a GTS 250 honestly.
To add to this, there are a bunch of new graphical features that are just starting to go into use, such as tesselation, which current high end hardware has a lot of trouble with. The life of a system built just before a new round of consoles and the implementation of a new Direct X is bound to be short. I wouldn't be surprised at all if all of the computers build for Battlefield 3 cant run new games with the graphics turned up in mid 2013.
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