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Originally Posted by Syl View Post
Anenenome, how the fuck do you use all 8 gigs? I've never gone over 4 of my 8. And thats with some crazy, crazy multi-tasking. (Such as watching a 1080p movie, and play a game at the same time, and have 100+ tabs open, and messengers and other stuff)
Oh, you're adorable I have 7 movies open in players right now :P Winamp up with 10,000 songs in the playlist, only two Word windows up, usually that's more. 17 system folders open. Kindle app running, and Nitro PDF reader, Googletalk, Steam, Carbonite, and misc other background programs. And Firefox is currently using 1.9gb of memory >_> I don't even know how many tabs are up. And I often play games at the same time :P

Oh, down to 1.2gb memory now :P I coulda swore 8gb would be enough for me too :P After all my old system was 2gb and while I maxed that regularly I didn't think Win7 would have so much larger a footprint, but it's also stuff I'm running too :P
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