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Anenenome, how the fuck do you use all 8 gigs? I've never gone over 4 of my 8. And thats with some crazy, crazy multi-tasking. (Such as watching a 1080p movie, and play a game at the same time, and have 100+ tabs open, and messengers and other stuff)

GPU: good choice.
Motherboard: Go with a Z68 instead of a P67
Processor, Ram, Blu-ray - All good choices
Harddrive: 1TB? Not an SSD for your OS? Samsung? I obviously disagree.
PSU: I'd go with a modular corsair 750watt at least. I personally don't know much about silverstone
There are better heatsinks than that particular zalman. Zalman tends to be overpriced and newegg generally overcharges on heatsinks. Go to http://search.directron.com/sortedit...156coolerd.php instead.
Get a real gaming mouse. Seriously.
Decent choice of keyboard, I use the X6 (I also use the sidewinder X8 mouse)
No real comment on the monitor choice.
That case? Seriously? It's so unbelievably ugly!
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