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The kind of Procedural-Generation game I would make

Posted 06-29-2014 at 12:05 PM by Anenome

Originally Posted by AkumaATR View Post
The biggest reason why it's not done is that it's really hard.
Right, that's why it's worth doing. It might be foundational.

You talk about physics rules--you can just as easily create story rules and populate storylines with pro-gen pathing to creating a lot of storying.

The usual problem with this is that it can turn into bland repetition. But I can see the end of the tunnel, where it's possible to put enough effort into a pro-gen questing to make it look very close to a human-designed storyline. And when you've accomplished that you end up with pro-gen'able storylines almost without end.

Like let's take a pro-gen'd storyline from some king in a fantasy setting.

You enter the kingdom and the system pro-gens the conflict that castle is facing. It starts with the most broad categories of problem:

1- person
2- place
3- thing

I'm going to use a random number generator here. Result: 2. So, place.

What about the place? We now need a conflict.

Typical conflicts (and this list can be expanded enormously, even via combinations of elements):

1. man vs nature
2. man vs man
3. man vs society
4. man vs self
5. man vs magic
6. man vs ???

Roll result: 1

So far we have: in a place, our hero encounters a man vs nature result.

This means things like:
1- storms
2- tornado
3- snow
4- wolves
5- cold
...and a hundred other things!

Result: 2

A hurricane whips up and our hero has to find shelter or be drawn into the storm, thrown into the air, and either rescued somehow or not. When you start throwing really small chance results into the mix, things can start to get really interesting and turn into emergent gameplay. Like, let's say that every 1.25% of the time you get caught by the tornado you don't instantly die, but are saved by an intelligent eagle family, or something, that take you to a whole new storyline. And that would be the only way to encounter that storyline.

But because the whole storyline and and the entire region it occurs in is all pro-gen'd, it does actually cost the designers any design time except marginal bounding.

This is already really interesting to me, like, I want to become a game designer now to make this happen

Originally Posted by Anenome View Post
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