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Justice League Mini-Review

Posted 11-25-2017 at 12:47 PM by Evil Avatar

Back from Justice League.

Dear Warner Bros., It isn't too late to scrap this series of movies and start over from scratch.

Justice League is a difficult movie to explain. It starts out with a generic villain with an even more generic "I'm going to take over the world." plot and never goes very far from there.

Steppenwolf shows up from... where exactly? That is one of the bigger plot holes in these series is that they aren't showing us Darkseid or Apocalypse or any of the New Gods in all their Kirby-inspired goodness. If you watched Thor, you saw a ton of Kirby New Gods inspired costumes and colors and they don't do any of that in Batman v Superman or Justice League. The Marvel movies have been revealing Thanos to us in bits and pieces for several films leading up to the Infinity War and you aren't getting any of that back story in Man of Steel, BvS, Wonder Woman or Justice League.

The villains then seem really out of place, generic looking and generic acting.

Most of the movie consists of the hammy "team building" that you would hope we are past after three films, but we are stuck with. Then another 15+ minutes of "Bring Superman back to life." which also felt really rushed and generic. They just stick him in the Doomsday pool in the Kryptonian ship and jump start him again. Ho, hum. It has no tension and no emotion. It works a lot like it did in the 90's comic books. Superman is back to life just because they needed Superman in the movies and for no other reason.

After that is another half hour of "Epic battles" and then you are done. A cute after the movie scene and then the after-the-credits scene (a first in DC movies).

While it isn't a terrible movie, it's mostly a generic film that didn't need to exist and only moves the storyline along a short way.

3 Evil Eyes.
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